Rode NT3 microphone

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Brand: RODE


Stylish and modern, the NT3 is a studio and location workhorse. With both 48V phantom and internal 9V battery operation, this RØDE is at home anywhere.

Intended for studio, stage and location work, this versatile handheld or stand mounted microphone incorporates a true externally polarized condenser transducer with an internal capsule shock mounting system, and an ultra-low noise electronic circuit that has a high immunity to R.F. interference.

The NT3 incorporates a rugged welded and heat-treated mesh head and all metal body.


NT3 microphone reviews:

“This is an amazing mic for the money. It’s frequency response is absolutely flat, the mic electronics have very low self noise… The NT3 is a excellent value for the money and is solidly made.”
“Yes, we bought another four (NT3s). We’re using them daily and they’re extremely reliable. Our Sennheisers MD421 are out of business. We love the incredible high output.”
Rainer Meyer, Germany (Customer Review)
“I dropped it more than once, but because of its solid built, i found no dent on the grill,or any malfuctions what soever. Very cool mic to have on your arsenal.”
Arvid, Indonesia via Sweetwater customer review(Customer Review)
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